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My name is Craig Priestley. Unfortunately, I don't have an exciting author pseudonym like Axel Steel or C.I.A Fear... it's just Craig.

I'm a writer from the UK that loves to write down these crazy little worlds that pop into my brain. Most of the time they are scary, apolcapytic scenarios that our protaganists have to battle against. Because, hey, just like real life... it ain't always easy.

Yet within these often terrifying worlds live realistic characters that keep you rooting for a brighter tomorrow. So one promise I can make is that it's not all dark and terrifying... well, not always.

Books, Books, Books!

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The United World

Dystopian sci-fi trilogy

Follow John and Reece's rebellious journey across two decades in this chilling, character-driven, dystopian sci-fi series. All books available in Kindle Unlimited.

Only £2.99 / $2.99

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A festive dystopian short-story

A dark and twisted Christmas short story with a dollop of dark humour - for fans of Black Mirror and dystopian shorts.

Only £1.79 / $2.99

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Off The Grid

The United World book 2

Fearing for their lives, John, Reece and Nora flee from the overbearing eyes of the state, but is a normal life possible while The United World remain in power?

Only £4.79 / $4.99



A post-apocalyptic thriller

Unseen whispers. Gentle suggestions. Orders to kill.

Watchers are the puppet masters, and humanity their playthings.

Only £4.79 / $4.99

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