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Rita Ora

We worked with a production partner to utilise 3D renders of a motion captured Rita Ora to create social edits.

This included flame work to retouch areas, and editing animations of the 3D model.

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A campaign featuring motion capture and a 3D model of Rita Ora.

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EE Rita Ora Instagram Story 1
EE Rita Ora Instagram Story 2
EE Rita Ora Instagram Story Teaser
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EE 5G Social Campaign with Rita Ora


Raise awareness of the launch of 5G on EE.


A social-first campaign that showcased a mini-dancing Rita Ora via AR, demonstrating the signal speed of 5G.


Rita Ora was filmed to capture the to camera footage. We partnered with a tech company to create an animated 3D model of Rita Ora via motion capture. We then went into post and fit it all together, including editing, animation, sound, grade and flame. 


Multiple edits across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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