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EE | Samsung S22 Launch on TikTok

We celebrated the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with a video campaign on TikTok.

This included shoot, post-production, 3D modelling and flame.

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A TikTok campaign featuring a shoot, post-production & 3D modelling.

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EE Samsung S22 launch video on TikTok
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EE Samsung S22 Ultra launch on TikTok


Launch the new Samsung S22 Ultra on TikTok.


An authentic and fun Tikok video, featuring TikTok style transitions and effects.


We shot with two grafitti artists in vertical format, with three cameras - one locked off, one 4K roaming, and a GoPro to capture some interesting transitions and effects.

An otherwise straight forward campaign was made tricky by not having the device available for the filming. Instead, we filmed most of the action with an old model. We then updated this in post-production with a 3D model, which was lit and tracked in CG, and comped into the scene in Flame. 


A TikTok launch video.


Overdelivered by 44% with 33 million views.

Drove the most impressions EE have ever delivered on TikTok.

Click through rate was just under 1 million (a record for EE). 

TikTok themselves said that the ad saw an unexpected boost in impressions.

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