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British Future | Create Against Hate

We used an illustrator to create quintessential British scenarios that would resonate with an older audience. In these were depicted hate scenes.

We produced pinch & zoom images on Facebook & short form in-feed videos across Facebook & Instagram.

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Creative & production overview

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British Future / Facebook | Create Against Hate

I lead Publicis London's Create Against Hate entry, working with Facebook and British Future, to use art to combat hate and discrimination in the UK.

Raise awareness of hate-crime in the UK to an anxious audience. 
The target was an 'anxious middle'; who were defined as a slightly older, conservative audience, who themselves may look the other way if they saw a hate crime.

Using a variety of target audiences we created a social media campaign to drive conversation.

Using an illustration style that would resonate with an older audience, we highlighted how easy it was to overlook prejudice, even when it's happening right in front of your eyes.

Utilising a small budget we worked with an illustrator to develop 'pinch and zoom' images, cinemagraphs, carousels, and short-form videos for Facebook and Instagram.

22.6 million impressions. 
7.3 million reach. 
1.8 million engagements.

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