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Gu Puds |

Creating a magical world of Gu

We produced a series of Guphoric images and videos for social, showcasing a fantastical word that tantalised the tastebuds. 

We created product focused imagery as well as planned reactive content (for events such as Valentine's Day), spanning almost a years worth of activity.

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Gü Puds Güphoria: Text
Gü Puds Güphoria: Pro Gallery

Gu Puds | Guphoria


Campaign to raise awareness of Gü Puds, focusing on the product and it's taste benefits.

A social campaign to tantalise and tease the tastebuds of foodies on social media. 
We created a world called #Güphoria, which heroed the product. 

22 images and short-form GIFs across 9 months using existing product shots and stock imagery, as well as an adapt of a TVC edit.

My role included project management, and working with creative/design to produce the assets.

10 million+ impressions.
2 million+ reach.
400k+ engagements.

Gü Puds Güphoria: Projects
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