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Taking content shot by influencers, adapting and amplifying it to re-launch Lime Crime on social media.

We took beauty content shot by five different influencers and created a suite of hard working hero and hub content for all avenues aross social.

This included YouTube bumpers, Instagram Stories, TikTok Trueviews, Facebook in-feeds and more.

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Lime Crime Never Blend In: Text
Lime Crime Never Blend In: Videos

Lime Crime #NeverBlendIn Influencer campaign


Take content shot by five fashion and beauty infleuncers and craft it into a single campaign with hero and hub content.


We fed into conversations with influencers to make sure that things were shot for all formats, and then adopted a post-production approach to the delivery.


We received a suite of shot assets from the influencers, which ranged in terms of production quality. We graded and retouched assets so that they looked similar, and then cropped assets based on the channel they lived on.


Over thirty videos across multiple channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat.

Lime Crime Never Blend In: Project
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