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Facebook Hot Topics launches in the UK, what is it?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Earlier this week Facebook launched the beta testing of Hot Topics exclusively in the UK and France. You can take a take a look at how it works on the link above.

What is Hot Topics?

Hot Topics is an insight tool that aggregates some of the most popular conversations on Facebook and Instagram over the past month. It features topics that have at least doubled in volume since the previous month.

You can display the content as a ranking system with snapshots that you can easily digest, or in an analytical format where you can view trends, comparisons and audience data. Below is an example of what the snapshot looks like, divided by category:

Why would you want to use Hot Topics?

It will be useful for the data lovers amongst us, and the results will help individuals and brands to connect easily with trending conversations and ensure that content is in line with current trends.

It is similar to what Google offer with Google Trends, except instead of using search terms, Facebook is utilising terms used on its platforms.

Hot Topics seems like a really useful tool to bring in to the Facebook Insights package, and should allow people to easily track top-level trends.

Do you think the new tool will be useful? Leave your comments below.

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