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Why advertisers should be excited about TikTok

Some of you out there may already be using the relatively new short-form video app from the creators of Vine, but others of you me be asking 'What the hell is TikTok?'

It wouldn't be surprising, after all the vast majority of it's users are under 24 years old, and it's been a relative ad-free space in it's infancy. However, it's also the third most downloaded app in Q1 2019, and the most downloaded across Apple devices in the same period.

So far the app has focused on a comparatively ad-free space, with campaigns integrated naturally. However with over 500 million active users naturally enters the opportunity for sponsored content, campaigns and ad units.

Below you can clearly see the huge rise in downloads, which took the app to the number one downloaded app on the Apple store.

And to those naysayers, it doesn't appear to be a fad - TikTok now has the 4th largest active user base, which over 500 million daily users, overtaking Twitter and Snapchat.

Why do people use TikTok?

TikTok is essentially a platform for people to create short-form videos with the ability to include filters and music. Imagine Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Vine had a love child and you'd be getting somewhere close.

Some of the top types of content on TikTok include:

  • Lip-sinking to a selected music track

  • Dancing to music

  • Comedic short-form skits

  • Reaction videos

  • Challenge videos

What is a TikTok challenge?

Normally it's an influencer or a community that create a viral video challenge for others to attempt, sometimes along to a music track of their choosing. These can also take the form of a sponsored hashtag, opening up possibilities for advertisers.

Challenges are huge on TikTok. Below are a few examples of some of the top challenges we've seen so far on the platform.

Advertising on TikTok is still fairly premature, but there is an option to create influencer content, tap in to communities with creating challenges and sponsoring hashtags in a similar way to that of Twitter.

So if you have a young target audience, TikTok may well be worth considering in your media plans.

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