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Social & Digital Production

Whether it's copy, static, video, AR, VR, or an app, content lives and breathes online.

Shooting solely for television is an old fashioned and out dated way of producing content.

As 80% of all social views come from mobile, content should be optimised for mobile consumption. This means creating vertical, short-form adapts for social, that include branding up-front with a story arc that differs from more traditional content.

With my help you will:

  • Create optimised content for all social channels

  • Capture attention 

  • Provide cut through in a saturated market

  • Increase reach and engagement

  • And impress clients with best-practice knowledge, and outside of the box thinking for social platforms.

Below is an example of how I can assist throughout the production journey:

Creative Development

During the creative development of an idea I will look at social executions that fit within the current idea. When treating or pitching for work this is extremely helpful to show knowledge of social media, rather than the hero video alone.

I will create a proposal that will either be created from your brief, or to assist your existing creative, demonstrating how it could be produced on social in the best way possible.


I can offer assistance with shooting techniques in order to capture content for social media/mobile, as well as capture content behind the scenes for social.

I have a black book of industry contacts, so if there is a desire to talk to platforms or influencers I can also assist with this.


I am well versed with social edits and adapts of content. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Platform specific creation (YouTube bumpers, Instagram stories, Carousels, Collections, etc) 

  • Branding within the first 2 seconds

  • Front-loading the story

  • Short-form cut downs

  • Re-targeting content (media plan dependant)

  • Titling for sound-off optimisation

  • Copy and call to actions to increase engagements.

Social & Digital Production: Text
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