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Facebook Creative Shop's Spotlight: Gold Standard Award

We created Instagram Stories with Young Minds activists, which swiped to their longer stories embedded with a Canvas / Instant Experience. This also contained information on anger, tips and helplines.

We then created unboxing videos with three influencers, where they unboxed their anger in an attempt to create thought provoking and thumb-stopping content.

The partnership with Lad Bible saw an Instagram Story takeover, using adapts of the content we produced.

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Young Minds Listen to Anger: Text
Young Minds Listen to Anger: Image
Young Minds Listen to Anger: Videos


Create a mobile-first campaign on Instagram that drives to improve the emotional literacy of young people around anger in the UK.


I attended the 2018 Facebook Hack for Good with a creative team. We competed against multiple other agencies and won the right to produce a campaign for the charity Young Minds.

Our idea revolved around cutting through the 'perfect' lives on Instagram and encouraging people to listen to their anger.


We filmed vertically in Facebook Studios and created a series of content that captured attention, provided interactivity and help for those who wanted to find out more.

We filmed vertically in Facebook Studios and produced a large variety of content including:

  • Instagram Stories

  • In-feed content

  • Influencer 'unboxing' videos

  • Canvas / Instant Experience

  • IGTV episodes


We adopted a three pronged approach to cut through:

1/ Paid media through Young Minds

2/ Influencer partnerships

3/ Lad Bible Instagram Story takeover


> 5 million reach

> 7 million impressions

> 20,000 link clicks

Young Minds Listen to Anger: Project
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